Want a Shore Excursion tour with LOTS of unique experiences? One that is ALL-INCLUSIVE, SMALL GROUP, one that picks you up DIRECTLY from your ship/hotel (and gets you back on time) ???

Well, look no further!

because apart from all the above, on this tour you will ALSO:

go somewhere PRIVATE

go somewhere QUIET

because you will go where
NO other tour goes

Please note:
Our company stops operating (- ends, finishes -)
** 30 April 2017 **
as after 15 amazingly busy years, we are retiring!!

Lambs Sept - Dec (approx)

This "difference" from taking your tour with us, will prove to be your answer to finding the most unique & special day in Auckland for your shore excursion.

So confident are we in making that statement that we challenge you to find another Auckland tour that gives you everything that you will get on our Auckland tour...

It's exactly WHY

(- even after 15years -)

this tour has remained




and WHY these other folk keep repeating;

"This excursion was so different"

On our tour, you have:

... NO  long journeys

incredibly no more than 40 minutes from your ship!  (so WHY spend your precious time sitting in a bus? - you want to see and experience as much as possible during your time in Auckland...don't you?)

... 5  stops (en-route to our farm)

tour route Coast to Coast Tours Auckland New Zealand

- Craftmarket (NZ made products)...why buy fake?

- Wine-tasting (award-winning winery)...why book a separate wine-tasting tour?

- Lunch (your choice with wine/beer!)...why have the time and worry of finding something to eat?

- Muriwai Beach (black sands & bird colony)...why NOT see this with the tour company who LIVES there?

- our sheep farm ... why NOT experience something totally unique?

... NO  hiking

- (or swimming, ...or waiting around for others!)

... SMALL  groups

- (our minivan carries 10 persons)

... DIRECT  pick-up

- (ALL inner city Hotels & Cruise Ship ports)

... FLEXIBLE  start/finish time

- (adjusted for Cruise Ship sail-times)

... PERSONAL  service

- (we are the owners, and we bring you to where we LIVE)


- (this tour is not geared for young children!)

... and ... we're 100% LEGAL

- (insurances, registrations, & even Food Handling!) >Please be aware: there ARE those who are NOT<

vist Coast to Coast Tours sheep farm

"Don't miss this!"



Auckland shore excursion tour to see the coast and countryside

“Tremendous Tour - Get away from Auckland to see the countryside”


carbon neutral Auckland shore excursion tour

"Best tour of entire (16 day) trip"

This tour is renowned as Auckland's best "value-for-money" Shore Excursion tour

Unfortunately, the "value-for-money" part of any item is often overlooked when the price is viewed without any in-depth knowledge of the product.  

You may like to ask yourself; "What value" do I place on...

  • Knowing who will be hosting me right from the moment my email inquiry is answered? [well, hopefully answered!]. On this tour, it is US [the owner/operators] who you will be with, as we don't have staff or guides nor pass you onto any one else. >(Ever hoped you weren't going to have "that" guide after reading reviews about a tour?)
  • Having my lunch [with beverage] included in the price?  On this tour, we take you to an upmarket cafe/restaurant and you choose your own meal. The menu is rated superb by most, that's why it is regarded as one of your "experiences" during your tour. >(Ever booked a tour with no lunch provided and been worried what-how-and-when you were going to get your lunch?)
  • Traveling in a small group? On this tour, it is very personalised with our minivan taking just 10 persons. >(Ever felt like a mob of sheep on large coach tours?)
  • Going somewhere private and real? On this tour, we bring you to our own "real" farm and this is NOT open to any others. >(Ever wanted to experience reality over purpose-built ... and private over public?)
  • Having lots of experiences all on the one tour? On this tour we stop 5 times and you are guaranteed to have [at least] 9 New Zealand "experiences". >(Ever had to take more than one tour of the same region just so you could have more than one experience?)
  • Being just a short distance from your ship? On this tour you are never anymore than 40 minutes from your ship. More, your precious time is not taken up in travel. >(Ever had a tour drive most of the day for you to see one or two things ... OR have you ever needed to return to your ship/hotel in an emergency?)


"(( As travelers to overseas countries ourselves, these are just some of the questions we like to bear in mind when booking our day tours! ))"


includes the visit to our own historic SHEEP FARM

In fact, you get to visit the only sheep farm within 40 minutes of Auckland city that's available to go to on a day tour.

... and when we CLOSE on 30 April 2017 there will be NO sheep farm within 40 minutes of Auckland city for tourists to visit during a day tour

But don't just take our word for it...

check-out our *genuine* (>>not bought<<)


5-star Tripadvisor reviews



Certificate of Excellence Award

But, be quick -


because this one

(and ONLY)

Auckland tour gets

booked. out. early.

Book your Auckland Shore Excursion now.



that's how we do it......


see where you'll go!

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We hope you will consider allowing us to host provide you with Auckland's most unique tour.

...we look forward to meeting you soon - Stu & Donna.    


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  >> Our promise <<
"we won't short-change your experiences"


Please note: Our bookings are filling -f-a-s-t- especially for our Private tours. Consequently, there are disappointed folk unable to join us on certain days.  

Avoid being one of need to book and secure your seats EARLY !!!   




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